Thursday, 24 December 2015

Carrying Race Books to Warrnambool in a Gladstone Bag

Australian newspaper, The Standard, recently reported on Gordon Ballis who has sold race books at Warrnambool for more than 70 years.  Mr. Ballis is the current holder of a family tradition stretching back more than a century and which began with Mr. Ballis’s grandfather and later his father also selling race books, all carried to the track in a Gladstone Bag.

In 2012, Mr. Ballis was commemorated by track officials for turning up with his Gladstone Bag, complete with race books, for seventy years since he first visited the track as a twelve-year-old to accompany his father Gordon senior. 

Mr. Ballis says of his race books, naturally also his Gladstone Bag: “I can still remember heading down to the Warrnambool railway station years ago where they would bring the horses down to the May carnival by train.  The train was called the ghost train.”

It’s a fascinating story, and a great recommendation for the enduring service one can expect from a quality Gladstone Bag. 

Read more about Mr. Ballis, his race books, and his Gladstone Bag at:

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