Thursday, 24 December 2015

Gladstone Bag Collectibles.

Gladstone bags are not just Gladstone bags in the normal sense of the phrase, namely as something used to transport items or act as a fashion accessory. 
To prove it, just take a look at eBay UK right now and check out other items selling with ‘Gladstone bag’ in their titles. 

A great many of those items, fetching three and four hundred dollars a time, are small collectibles shaped as Gladstone bags. So an inkwell shaped as a Gladstone bag and measuring less than one inch high has recently sold on eBay UK for £351.  A few days later a Brass Travel Desk Perpetual Calendar shaped as a Gladstone bag fetched £101.01, and a short while later a handful of other small items merely shaped as Gladstone bags fetched close to one hundred pounds each.

For example, on 2nd January, 2012, a silverplate vesta case shaped like a Portman Gladstone bag sold for £59.99.

It isn’t just ornaments and collectibles, or Gladstone bags per se, that fetch high prices on eBay, as a print advertisement for a Gladstone bag that sold for twenty dollars goes to show. 

Also popular are cat ornaments, showing felines sitting in colourful Gladstone bags and selling consistently on at around seventeen dollars a throw.

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