Thursday, 24 December 2015

Gladstone Bag Has Style and Charm – And Lots of Space

On 18th July, 2012, the Guardian’s online newspaper - - asked ‘Do French Women Grow Old in Style?’ and, among other things, concluded that La Femme Invisible ‘approaches the beach with everything planned as though for a military operation, particularly if there are grandchildren in tow.’   Naturally, the writer is considering mainly older fashionistas who on their way to the beach carry ‘The equivalent of a small Mary Poppins’ Gladstone Bag containing everything from a fishing net to sun cream and a kite.’

There’s no doubting the fact that the roomy Gladstone Bag can hold a good deal of essential and not so essential items, and the fact the Gladstone Bag has two separate compartments makes the bag even more attractive as a beach holdall.  So bathers can, for example, keep their dry clothing in one compartment of the Gladstone Bag and contain all of the wet stuff in a separate area. 

This need to keep certain things separate and unlikely to contaminate other items travelling alongside has made the Gladstone Bag allows doctors and surgeons to keep liquid medicines in one compartment to avoid leakage and damage to important patient notes and medical documents in the other.   Much the same goes for veterinary surgeons for whom the Gladstone Bag is a favourite professional accessory, alongside lawyers (I’m not sure what wet stuff they carry!), also accountants (presumably to keep tear-soaked tissues from clients safe from income tax forms), not forgetting teachers and professors, and numerous other professionals alongside.

Which means the Gladstone Bag is perfect for anyone whose job or hobby involves transporting items likely to damage delicate items travelling alongside.

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