Thursday, 24 December 2015

Gladstone Bags and the Titanic Tragedy

Gladstone Bags represent just a few of numerous large items of luggage found amongst articles discovered recently from the wreck of the Titanic which went down with a massive loss of life in 1912.   It is believed that ship’s staff stuffed large cases and bags, like Gladstone Bags, with money and jewellery and other valuables from safe deposit boxes used by wealthy passengers.  The intention was to keep valuables contained in one or two places, including Gladstone Bags belonging to doctors and other professional passengers, and so avoid valuables being spread far and wide as the ship was actually going down. 

An expert Titanic historian tells how Gladstone Bags, being made from leather using a turn-of-the-century tanning process, prevented microorganisms found on the ocean floor from eating the fabric used to make most early 20th century Gladstone Bags and in so doing Gladstone Bags and their contents have survived the decades since the sinking in relatively good condition.

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