Thursday, 24 December 2015

Gladstone Bags for Real Life Doctors and Actors Masquerading as Doctors in Television, Film and Theatre Productions

Gladstone Bags have been made for many decades and typically today’s medical and legal professionals will purchase a new Gladstone Bag to carry the tools of their trade.  And those Gladstone Bags can be purchased literally from hundreds of makers today, in most countries, and in many cases a specific new design of Gladstone Bag will be readily available from sellers on eBay and Amazon.

Some modern day professionals prefer antique Gladstone Bags, however, often because they were created in slightly different designs to today’s Gladstone Bags, and sometimes because bags created in the early to late 1900s, for example, were hand made from superior materials.  That isn’t to say that quality Gladstone Bags made from high quality materials and created by hand are not available on the market today.  In fact, many top manufacturers of Gladstone Bags do create items every bit as good as their decades old counterparts.

However, some bags masquerading at Gladstone Bags made by hand from superior materials, are actually machine made and mass produced and created from low quality materials and sometimes leather lookalike fabrics when in earlier times a Gladstone Bag was almost always made from quality leather. 

So someone wanting to purchase a quality brand new Gladstone Bag today must query the seller of a potentially appropriate product before handing over his or her cash and subsequently finding themselves very disappointed.

One time when potential buyers can not purchase items new is when those professionals are working in television and theatre, or in film and other media, where the focus is on medicine in bygone eras.  In such cases, and where a Gladstone Bag might be required for just a few minutes of filming, it makes little sense to purchase an older or modern day design outright, and in a great many cases the media company will rent a Gladstone Bag from one or many prop rental companies operating worldwide.

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