Thursday, 24 December 2015

Gladstone Bags, Usually Leather, But Canvas Gladstone Bags Also Find Popularity in Major Film Presentations

Recall an image most commonly brought to mind from the film ‘Mary Poppins’ and it’s probably Julie Andrews floating through the sky with an umbrella in one hand and a Gladstone bag in the other.

Julie’s bag contains potions and medicines to benefit the children in her care and, unlike most Gladstone bags of the day, made from leather, hers is made from brightly coloured patterned canvas which led to a whole new interest in Gladstone bags as accessories to complement men and women’s contemporary fashions.

Look on sites like Amazon and other online marketplaces and you’ll find a massive range of Gladstone bags on offer, ranging from leather to canvas, hand painted to crafted from silk and piled with lace.  Enough to please all tastes at usually much lower prices than their hand-made quality leather counterparts.

Also in ‘Mary Poppins’ we are introduced to nurse Andrew, a tyrant of a women dressed head to foot in black and carrying a black leather Gladstone bag!

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