Thursday, 24 December 2015

Maxwell Scott Gladstone Bags

Maxwell Scott is a family run business specialising in making handbags and luggage, also briefcases from high quality leather and British design coupled with fine Italian style.  Their range of doctors’ bags are among the most attractive and desirable and are preferred by some doctors to the traditional Gladstone Bag for carrying their medical equipment and tools of the trade.

Each Maxwell Scott bag is hand crafted using premium vegetable tanned Italian leather and containing linings and locks, also fittings from the very best available.

Maxwell Scott products are designed individually for the customer and offer a lifetime of service.

At Amazon.UK Maxwell Scott items are available in a large range of designs, from the traditional Gladstone Doctor Bag in deep brown and made from luxury leather, to briefcases and attaché cases, all in quality leather and made by the world’s most talented crafts men and women.

Click on any of the images shown above to study a wide selection of Maxwell Scott bags, in briefcase and Gladstone Bag, and other popular designs.

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