Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Gladstone Bag and a Letter Looking for Its Owner

A newspaper published just over one hundred years ago tells how the police of Southern Australia and Victoria were looking for the owner of a Gladstone Bag in which was found a letter from the manager of a bank in Victoria telling how the addressee was entitled to a fortune in debenture bonds.

The tale of the Gladstone Bag became even more interesting when a man was charged with unlawful possession of the bag by the Adelaide Police.  A police officer testifying to the event said the accused was seen carrying the Gladstone Bag in the afternoon when he was accompanied by an elderly gentleman.  When the accused was seen later that day, still carrying the Gladstone Bag, he was alone.

‘The Barrier’ newspaper, published in February 1913, more than one hundred years ago, can be viewed online, but sadly you may never learn how the tale ended and whether the accused was found guilty of unlawful possession, or what had happened to his elderly companion, not even if the person named on the letter found in the Gladstone Bag ever got to learn about his good fortune.

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