Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Gladstone Bag and One of the World’s Greatest Philanthropists

Daryl ‘Doc’ Seaman earned his nickname from having carried his baseball gear in a Gladstone Bag, frequently referred to as ‘Doctors’ Bags’, hence the nickname ‘Doc’.

That was in the 1940s when no doubt he, like many people, realised the Gladstone Bag is not just created for doctors or lawyers, or other working professionals, based on the immense capacity of most types of Gladstone Bag. 

Although it was created more than one hundred years ago, as a two-component bag for professionals, by a leathermaker called Beard working in the centre of London, the Gladstone Bag is proving equally popular today as a fashion accessory and for transporting large items of personal, professional and business equipment.

The original Gladstone Bag was named after William Ewart Gladstone, prime minister in Victorian times, who was a great inspiration for the man who designed the Gladstone Bag.

But the Gladstone Bag, or rather it’s other description of doctors’ bag, was purely responsible for Mr. Seaman’s nickname, not the name by which this man would rightly be proud to be known, namely as a great philanthropist and for leaving one of the largest donations ever to the Calgary Foundation in Canada.

In the 1940s, Mr Seaman was usually seen at baseball matches carrying sports gear and personal possessions in a black Gladstone Bag.

Mr. Seaman was a well-known citizen of Calgary where he settled in 1949 and founded a major oil and gas company.   He gave time and money to the citizens of Calgary and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.  When he died in 2009 Doc Seaman gave most of his wealth to the Calgary Foundation.  But what became of his Gladstone Bag, I wonder?

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