Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Gladstone Bag as a Fashion Accessory for Women

Once very definitely an accessory for men, the Gladstone Bag has become increasingly popular with women, especially those who like to take everything but the kitchen sink with them on journeys away from home.  That’s sarcasm, of course, but some women do carry much more baggage than others, and usually more than almost all men, and the Gladstone Bag is admirably equipped to benefit the obsession many women have with large bags. 

The Gladstone Bag in its original format was a very room affair indeed, designed mainly for working men to carry the tools of their trade and until the last twenty years or so it was very unusual to see a women with a Gladstone Bag on her arm.

But the Gladstone Bag is incredibly roomy, more like a big box than a handbag, and where once big name designer fashion houses would spend all year producing small clutch bags and other fancy bags that are more of a fashion statement than useful for carrying items, today many big name designers are focussing their efforts on creating bigger bags for women.  Gladstone Bags, in fact.

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